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Here's a small selection of copywriting projects I have delivered to various clients. If you'd like to see an example from a particular line of business or market segment that does not appear below, let me know.




Website Content (assorted pages)

Whitepapers & eBooks

Never Trust Your Filers: Embracing Zero Trust in a Global File System (for CTERA)

Who Moved the Power Utility's Cheese (for mPrest)

Top Three Use Cases for Automated OT Asset Discovery and Management (for Indegy)


Managing Digital Transformation in Large Field Service Organizations (for Fieldbit)

The Secret Formula for a Winning Industrial IoT Project (for mPrest)

Outsmart Advanced Cyber Attacks with an Intelligence-Driven Security Operations Center (for Verint)

Protect Your E-Commerce Visitors from Client-Side Injected Malware (for Namogoo)


DDoS Response Playbook (for Incapsula)


Utilizing User Behavior Analytics to Mitigate Insider Threats (for Fortscale)



Video Scripting


The Argus Story: Interview with Oron Lavi, Founder and CTO 

Argus CEO Message for 2023

Argus Cyber Security - Go Everywhere

mPrest: DERMS and Beyond


Atera AlphaControl IT Management


Triton Digital Video Testimonial (for Incapsula)





CTERA VDI Solution Sheet


CTERA Solution Brief for Construction Industry

NICE IVR Journey Analytics brochure


Verint Threat Protection System brochure


Zotal Company Profile


Incapsula Company Overview


Incapsula DDoS Protection Service datasheet


Case Studies


CTERA - Glenn Davis Case Study

Indegy - City of Raleigh Case Study

VideoFlow - PCN Case Study


Cloudshare - Atlassian Case Study

Gilat - Optus Case Study


Incapsula - InnoGames Case Study


Fortscale - Playtech Case Study


Comverse - Orange UK Case Study



Blogposts and Articles (Ghost-writing)

Tomorrow's Connected Car Technologies: Risk or Reward? - written for Argus Cyber Security

How to Measure and Improve Your Outbound Sales KPIs - written for RightBound


Leading Beyond the Numbers: Motivating SDRs in an Economic Downturn - written for RightBound

Alexa, are you protected against cyber attacks? - written for Argus Cyber Security

Automating Firmware Updates for IoT Devices - written for SecuriThings


Cloud Caching vs, Tiering: Know the Difference - written for CTERA


SolarWinds Fallout: Practices to Strengthen Data Protection - ghost written for CTERA and published on GCN website

Legacy NAS Storage Has Becomes a Liability, Switch to Global File System - ghost written for CTERA and published on

Interoperability Is Fueling Broadcast over IP Growth - written for VideoFlow

Five Fundamental Reasons (and a Bonus) Why Video over IP Has Now Gone Mainstream - written for VideoFlow

CCPA: Data Privacy, California Style. Is Your Company Ready? - written for CTERA

Where the Hell Can We Store All These Video Files? - written for CTERA

Protect Your Data Against Ransomware with a Secure Edge-to-Cloud Strategy - written for CTERA

Wavestream Year in Review - ghost written for Wavestream VP and published in MilsatMagazine (Dec. 2018)

DERs - A Threat or an Opportunity? - two-part series written for mPrest

Is Malware Hiding in Your ICS Network? - written for Indegy

"Long Endurance UAS Missions—A Satcom Challenge. A Gilat Perspective" - created for Gilat Product Director and published in MilsatMagazine

"Using Purge Cache to Keep Your Website Content Fresh and Responsive" - guest post for Incapsula blog

"Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Peering Provider" - guest post for Incapsula blog


"Website Hackers Slip Under the Radar with Impersonator Bots - created for Incapsula and published on


"Mobile: Preparing for the Third and Final Wave" - created for Perfecto Mobile CTO and published in WIRED magazine



Press Releases


Argus Cyber Security Wins CES® 2023 Innovation Award

Argus Cyber Security Announces Automatic Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Extraction Capability for AUTOSAR-Based ECUs

Fieldbit Unveils Next Generation Collaboration Platforms for Enterprise Field Services

Equivio Zoom for Information Governance


Equivio Announces STAR Certification Program


ORBIT Unveils New Ground Station Solution


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