My clients include some of Israel’s most established high-tech companies, as well as many audacious start-ups on their way to future greatness. My philosophy for working with clients is simple – the project isn’t over until you are absolutely delighted with the final result. It’s always worth an extra iteration.

Selected Clients

CTERA Networks

"We've been benefiting from David's outstanding marketing writing skills for more than a year. David has the rare ability to learn highly technical subjects and understand the nuances required to write a valuable piece of content. His versatility is a major asset – he excels at everything from website content and blogposts to solution sheets and white papers. David's independence makes our lives easier – he manages all assigned tasks, sets up meetings with subject experts and consistently delivers content on time."
- Jim Crook, Senior Director of Marketing



"When I first met David, I had no idea of the positive impact his writing would have on lead generation from our new website. David is a master in describing a very technical product in simple words anyone can understand, as well as driving visitors to action. He cares and he wants you to be successful. Therefore he listens, learns, expresses his views, and offers creative options to choose from. David's approach had fast brought him to be part of my team."  
- Eran Shalev, VP of Product

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